The Orchestra-For-The-Peace
East-West Chamber Orchestra
We build bridges

The East-West Chamber Orchestra translates the poignant emotions expressed by the composer with infinite respect, and perhaps goes a step further than the Kremerata Baltica and Gidon Kremer in conveying this dramatic and touching message.”

Crescendo Magazine
East-West Chamber Orchestra
We build bridges

The 2nd and 4th chamber symphonies, urgently performed here by Rostislav Krimer’s East-West Chamber Orchestra judder with nervous energy and frustrated ambition. The second, dated 1987, smokes with anxieties of disintegration. The 4th, from 1992, is damn-near irresistible...*****

Norman Lebrecht
The Orchestra-For-Peace East-West Chamber Orchestra ttttttttt
The East-West Chamber Orchestra include best soloists from Germany, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Croatia, UK, USA as well as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Israel, Japan, China, Turkey, Australia and many others in order to strengthen the bonds and cultural co-operations between Eastern- and Western Europe and all over the world.
Their virtuosity is a given, but musicianship goes much more deeply, in feeling, sensitivity and concentration. It is difficult to think these performances will be surpassed...
Michael Wilkinson MusicWeb International
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About The East-West-Festival

The East-West-Festival will take place in Germany this year.

Tn a world marked by conflicts and tragedies, the East-West Festival raises its voice to proclaim a message of peace. The-Orchestra-For Peace East-West Chamber Orchestra, stands at the center of this moving cultural encounter, supporting young musicians and touching hearts.

It is a gathering of the finest talents from North Rhine-Westphalia, the East and West of Europe, as well as the best musicians who have found their home in the European Union. Together, they are nurtured and encouraged to unfold their exceptional abilities. But not only that: the festival also extends its helping hand to musicians who have been affected by wars and other emergencies.

Here, the best soloists from over 15 countries meet in the East-West Chamber Orchestra, joining forces with renowned world stars. Together, they ignite a musical fireworks display that transcends boundaries and illuminates the hearts of the audience. This musical union grants us moments in which we can experience the beauty and power of human creativity.

Upcoming Events
7 сентября 2023 г.
Фестиваль Энеску
Энеску, Гайдн, Вайнберг, Шостакович...
13 октября 2023 г., Дом Бетховена в Бонне.
Ian Bostridge & Rostislav Krimer
East-West Festival
Visit our festival page for mote information
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